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Experienced in All Equine Law Disciplines

Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law provides clients with a full range of equine law services, covering matters related to both contracts and litigation. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in California, and frequently help clients traveling from all over the state. 


We encourage our clients and friends to protect themselves and their horses with both legal documentation and a thorough understanding of their unique legal needs. Whether you own a boarding business, market yourself as a horse trail guide, or just bought a pony for your daughter, you should know your rights and your liability.


Specialized Equine Law

Practice Areas

Purchase & Sale Agreements

To protect our clients in several types of contract disputes, we can review and draft horse purchase and sale agreements.

Equine Lawsuit Protection

Those involved in the use of horses and horse property should consider legal protection to safeguard their rights and assets.

Equine Litigation Support

Our attoneys can can provide legal advice and counsel if you are involved in litigation over a horse-related matter.

Equine Business 

We stay current with new equine legislation, and can ensure your business meets changing standards.


All The Equine Law Services You Need,

 In One Place

Purchase & Sale Agreements

Lawsuit Protection

Equine Litigation Support

Equine Business Audit

Abandoned Horses

Equine Law

Boarding Contracts

Equine Purchase Process

European Equine Law

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“Many attorneys include equine law as a sidenote to their practice, but Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law specializes in the full range of equine law services. We also have nearly 30 years of experience in the horse industry.”

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