Clearly Define the Relationship Between Your Business and a Horse Owner

Horse boarding contracts are often overlooked by horse property owners. Either they don’t exist or they are not comprehensive enough to cover the variety of issues that can arise between horse and property owner. In addition to contractually defining the relationship between you and a horse's owner (boarding terms, fees, services) your boarding contract should also address specific situations that can occur throughout your relationship. Some of these situations include the handling of non-payment and abandoned horses. But there can be many more.


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Boarding Contracts

Common Elements of Boarding Contracts

If you are currently running a horse property business or thinking about building one, your boarding contract should at a minimum address the following items:

  • Boarding Terms
  • Boarding Fees
  • Boarding Services
  • Horse Profile
  • Horse’s Physical and Special Care
  • Horse’s Behavior
  • Horse Visitation and Access
  • Veterinary Care
  • Safety and Liability
  • Compliance with State Law


These are just a few of the many conditions you need to include in your contract. Securing a comprehensive boarding contract that is specific to your situation from a qualified equine attorney will help to reduce liability and eliminate problems for your business down the road. 

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Don’t wait for a boarding issue to arise. Get legal help from an equine lawyer who can draft a comprehensive boarding contract that is specific to your business. At Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law we understand the nuances of the equine industry and have seen it all. Let us apply that experience and expertise to your business, providing you the protection you need to operate your business efficiently, smoothly and profitably.