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If you’re running an equine business you know there are inherent risks that come in your line of work. No matter how safety-conscious you are in managing your property, the unpredictable happens.

Although you’re focused on creating a safe experience, it's also critical to protect your business with a well-drafted Release of Liability Waiver. These waivers allow you and the participants in horse-related activities to be informed and fully aware of the limits of your responsibility in the case of injury or death. A Release of Liability Waiver discourages a lawsuit from an injured participant and in case of death, it will support your defense.

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Don’t Risk DIY Release of Liability Waivers

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Many horse property owners create do-it-yourself Release of Liability Waivers through online sources. Or they borrow a waiver from a colleague who has already drafted their own. This may be easy but think again! Do-it-yourself contracts can cost you more in the long run and seriously harm your business and finances.

DIY contracts are usually generic and are simply not tailored to your situation. Your Release of Liability Waiver should specifically describe all the potential risks of each activity. For example, instead of indicating that “horseback riding is dangerous,” the waiver could mention how reactive large horses may behave, they may run at high speed without warning, injuring, or even killing the rider.

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The Importance of Understanding California Law

Did you know that California is one of two states that doesn’t have an equine liability statute?


In other states equine liability statutes are adopted to provide protections to equine professionals and activity sponsors for injuries of deaths resulting from horse-related activities. Since California does not have a statute, the onus is on you, the property owner, to ensure that you are protected.


To get the best protection possible, you need an equine lawyer who truly understands the nuances of California law and that can apply those to your specific situation.

Get The Best Protection For Your Business

Avoid the risks of do-it-yourself contracts Draft your comprehensive Release of Liability Waiver with Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law. With over four decades of experience in the horse industry we can provide you the documents you need to protect your business.