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The thriving equine industry involving the United States and European countries creates a great opportunity for purchasing and selling horses. However, when buying a horse overseas, issues can quickly arise if you do not fully understand how the laws in each country affect the purchase.


At Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law, we have an advanced understanding of European equine law. Attorneys Randy Hey and Polly Hey provide assistance for every stage of the negotiation and purchasing process. While we are based in Portola Valley, CA, we are part of the European U.S.-Asian Equine Lawyers (EUAEL) alliance, meaning we have the connections to assist buyers and sellers in both the U.S. and Europe.

Common Issues for European
Buyers or Sellers


Buying or selling a horse is a fairly complex process. When these transactions occur over international borders, the potential for complications increases. Issues with documentation, misunderstandings of local laws, and language barriers can leave you vulnerable to a range of legal issues.


Often, our American clients do not realize that Europe has many more consumer protections than the U.S. for horse sales and leases. In other cases, clients may bring a trainer with them to assist with the sale, but find the trainer does not regularly buy horses internationally, leading to unforeseen complications.


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“While much of our business at Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law is devoted to preventing legal issues from occurring, we can also help individuals after the sale is complete”

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How Hey & Hey Can Help

Our attorneys have also worked with clients whose purchased horses arrived with undisclosed medical or behavioral issues. Many of these concerns can be avoided by contacting a lawyer who understands the complexities of both American and European equine law.


We offer extensive legal services to assist with all stages of the purchasing and selling process. While much of our business at Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law is devoted to preventing legal issues from occurring, we can also help individuals after the sale is complete. Our team can:

Understanding International Law

With our European connections and background in equine law, we can also help
you avoid the common pitfalls of buying a horse internationally.

Why Hire an EUAEL Attorney?

The EUAEL is an alliance made up of the world’s leading equine law firms. Based in the Netherlands, the Alliance Group has partners throughout Europe, giving Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law access to an extensive legal network. If we cannot handle your case personally, we can connect you with an attorney who can represent you in a European court. In almost any circumstance, our attorneys can find the resources you need to protect your best interests

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Equine law is a complicated area which requires a comprehensive understanding of the horse industry and horse-related business. Hey & Hey Attorneys at Law has been representing clients both locally and internationally since 2006. If you are considering buying or selling a horse in Europe, contact our office online or call (650) 459-4637 to learn how we can help.

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